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August Restaurant

Excellent Eats in the Big Easy

I had heard New Orleans was all about food…one of my favorite TV shows, After Hours with Daniel Bouloud, spent part of a season in NOLA… but I was still surprised by the amazing restaurants a group of friends and I experienced last weekend. We had three very distinct and fantastic dining experiences. First off […]

Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On

On a recent trip to London, I picked up one of these posters at the gift shop in the Victoria and Albert Museum. The strong graphic and message appealed to me. Rob Walker of the The New York Times published an article today on the origins of the poster which I found interesting so I thought […]

Zumthor's Brother Klaus Chapel... or how I ended up on a farm in Germany

Zumthor’s Brother Klaus Chapel… or how I ended up on a farm in Germany

One of my favorite experiences on my recent trip was discovering the Bruder Klaus Kapelle by Swiss Architect Peter Zumthor, recent winner of the Pritzker Prize, one of the highest honors for an architect. Since 1979, Zumthor has run a small practice in a remote village in the Swiss mountains and takes on very few […]